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  • Date:2020/05/09

Chinese-foreign joint venture---Aoqun Electric Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, the headquarters is located in Shunde that the Zhujiang Delta economical transportation extremely developed world electrical appliances kingdom. In order to cater to the vigorously developing in long triangle, in 2005, the company set up subsidiary company---Huge Rise Electric (Panan) CO. LTD., which is built in Zhejiang scenery beauty Chinese Hose City (Panan Industrial Park). We devote together to the domestic electric appliances spare parts research and manufacture.

Aoqun & Huge Rise have the modernized workshop 25000 squares, dozens of injection molding machines, more than 20 hose production lines, 6 set of Computerized air drill and hair machine, 10 automatic wood lathe, 4 assembly production lines and a series of testing facility. Simultaneously, we also have one batch of high quality technical research and development and the administrative personnel. We have been one of the manufactures specializing in producting hoses with the technique of blow molding, winding, extrusion, heat insulation, retractable, conductive and high voltage. We also manufactures filters, brush, sealing . Our product characteristic is "he others haven' t and we have; the others have, we are better; the other better, we are superior." Let us move toward the world, becomes the global most perfect household appliances fitting production manufacturer.

In 2005, the company passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000:2004 authentication, and according to ISO standard request, establish and implement quality control system. We provide users with safe and reliable products, so we wining the customer consistent trust. Facing the opportunity and the challenge, the Aoqun & Huge Rise will advance together hand in hand as always with all & friends to create more brilliant future.



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